Lips… resume shapely fullness! As we age, the outer edges of our lips droop downward and the lips tend to follow and stretch. The Tua technology tones the supporting circular muscle which allows lips to adjust to original position and fullness. You can add a ‘pout’ appeal with a specific exercise that promotes volume in the center of the bottom lip. With toned muscles, little effort is required for a very attractive grin. 

Forehead… expression lines relax as the brow muscle firms, further contributing to open-up the eye area.

Eyes… appear brighter and larger with lift to the eyebrows, tighter eye contours (eyelid ‘hoods’ retract and lower lids appear less stretched). 

Under-eye puffiness… massaged.The squeezing exercise/effect to the circular muscles around the eyes encourages fluid (lymphatic) movement.

Firm and reduce sagging… significantly tone neck muscles including those under the chin. A double chin recedes, neck appears firmer, more youthful looking. 

Chisel jaw line… and ‘jowl pouches’. Muscles surrounding the mouth and along the jaw tighten, reducing the stretch caused by the drop of Bichat fat. 

Collagen and elastin… cell re-generation increases with regular exercise and stimulation (contrary to the aging process of cell de-generation). Skin is more nourished, more plump, smooth and less prone to wrinkle. A few things a facelift cannot do.

Radiant complexion… youthful skin health is rejuvenated. Consistent stimulation encourages the natural cell oxygenation and detoxification processes. Combined with the increase of protein cells, complexion radiates a colourful dewy glow. 

Redefine cheek ‘apples’… restore muscle volume on the cheekbones, and strengthen the supporting muscle contours beneath. 

Extend the value… of your skin-care lotions. The thorough yet gentle electrostimulation to the skin prepares it for deeper and more immediate absorption of your skin care ingredients.

Love your face... the Tua-type of facelift is not invasive. Unlike competitive equipment, Tua’s programmed sine wave pulses exercise muscles into shape without inducing pain. It delivers significant visible results without the risks from surgery, chemicals and fillers. And, the price is thousands of dollars less than alternate effective cosmetic treatments.

Easy to operate... Water, not gel, is used to conduct the current. Simply set the intensity level and place the sponge-covered electrodes on the targeted muscle group. Soft sponges for gentle contact.

Feel the results… of tighter muscles in 7 days, and see a combination of the mentioned improvements in 21-30 days. Enjoy your more youthful and refreshed look!

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Combine the body’s natural response to exercise
and stimulation…
the added benefits seem endless!