Tua Viso Electrostimulation

Technical Expertise


The extremely advanced miniaturized electronic circuitry of Tua Viso produces the modulated sinusoidal wave pulses that are specifically developed for the delicate face and neck muscles. Thanks to the particular wave form and frequency, Tua Viso achieves perfect muscular exercise without provoking any unpleasant pain, even at high intensity and with extremely evident movements.


Moderate or strong muscle contractions can be achieved, as the intensity of the current generated is adjustable by the user. Electrostimulation exercise is safe and efficient. Scientific studies have shown that the stimulated muscle is toned after only ten sessions.


Tua Viso features the proprietary and patented VP BOX System. The spring-loaded spherical electrodes allow full contact to any area of the face. Soft sponges cover the electrodes for comfortable and safe contact to the skin. And, distinctive of the patented VP Box and the Tua technology is the use of water for conductivity (not gel) and the dual purpose; electrode and reservoir. It dispenses and holds enough water for a complete workout.


The twist-off fittings enable cleaning and easy replacement of the sponge domes.


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