Proven results
Electrostimulation for the Face Results Study


The muscle tone and density that form our facial features do not have to weaken as we age. The body has the potential to maintain healthy muscle tissue through proper nutrition and adequate exercise.

The Tua technology helps to harness this amazing potential. Developed to accurately exercise all muscle groups to optimal tone, it is especially renowned for its successes on the more delicate muscle tissues, for the face and neck. Because cutaneous muscles (specific to the head and neck area) are mroe closely interconnected to the skin, the muscle toning results are quickly visible.

Moreover, the natural benefits just keep coming. The deep tingling sensation caused by the electrostimulation and the activity from the exercise movement combined, wakes up the body’s ability in the targeted area to regenerate the precious protein cells needed for healthy, younger looking skin.

Results are proven. Within 21 days, the face shows visible signs of tone and younger features.*

Women see visible signs of younger features and skin**:

  • 100% reported appreciable increase in muscular tone
  • 100% reported Tua electrostimulation treatment as painless
  • 100% of B&A photos showed increase in skin tension
  • 80% through ultrasound showed improvement in the uniformity of connective tissue
  • 71% reported the Tua electrostimulation as pleasant
  • 100% expressed desire to continue using Tua electrostimulation

Independent test reported that Tua electrostimulation treatment “… is safe and painless and even after just three weeks is able to improve the tone and appearance of the muscular and subcutaneous tissue. It can be expected that longer (or even continual) treatment, such as that which can be carried out at home… would have greater, longer lasting results…”.

* Based on results of women average age 39.
** Percentage of women who saw improvement, using Tua 3 times a week for three weeks.