Technical Expertise


Superbly developed and perfectly executed, the Tua Tre’nd electrostimulation differentiates its patterns to address 5 muscle groups for the face and neck area, and 12 programs to achieve various fitness objectives on different parts of the body.


Electrostimulation is a finely tuned low-voltage current. Instead of the muscle receiving the brain’s electro-chemical signal to contract, it receives Tua’s electric message through sponge-covered patented electrodes, or through adhesive gel-pads.


Tua Tre’nd electrostimulation currents are controlled and absolutely safe. The precisely tuned signal initiates the passive contraction of the muscle fibres, and hence introduces welcome activity (stimulation) to the surrounding area. By modulating a series of variable parameters (such as frequency, duration, rest, etc.) each program can achieve different goals to slim, tone or strengthen muscle power, or to tone and lift for beauty treatments.


12 programs for the body to slim, tone, build or even out, strengthen muscle power and relax, and 5 beauty toning programs to address the various face and neck muscle groups.


The intensity of the current produced is adjustable allowing a delicate or strong contraction; such contractions are clearly visible and help guide during operation. The intensity level is set by simply pressing the click-wheel on the control unit, increasing or decreasing in 1 mA intervals.


The specific rhythm chosen in the Tua electrostimulation programs is the quickest means to toning a muscle group… “scientific studies have shown that the stimulated muscle already becomes larger after about ten sessions each lasting a few minutes”.


Tua Tre ’nd is precisely built and complies with the most stringent international regulations. It is entirely designed and manufactured in Europe through certified quality systems in conformity with ISO 9001:2000 and EN46001:2000. The founding company has considerable experience in the manufacture of professional electro-medical equipment used mainly in major hospitals and clinics that offer sports medicine, physiotherapy and beauty treatments. Tua Tre’nd is an effective consumer electrostimulation product and must be used only as directed.


Benefits of Electrostimulation

Training by electrostimulation provides a number of advantages, which, when used according to criteria suited to the specific context, are such as to integrate and partially replace voluntary training. Among these are:

Specific stimulation can be achieved on the targeted muscle group, with minimum effect on adjacent muscles. For example, achieve the stimulation of the quadriceps only, or even just one of its ends.
By setting suitable current intensity levels, maximum recruitment of muscle fibre can be achieved, something otherwise hard to obtain through normal voluntary contractions. To appreciate the real importance of this parameter, we need to speak about spatial and time muscle recruitment. Spatial recruitment indicates how many fibres the single contraction manages to involve. It must be taken into account that normal workout with maximum load never manages to affect more than 70% of the fibres. Electric muscle stimulation significantly exceeds this percentage, taking the work load of the muscle to its maximum limit, but, thanks to time recruitment, without causing continued contraction that would cancel out the work done. This means that time recruitment can be defined as the control of the frequency of electric discharges per second, by means of the electrostimulation appliance to always train the muscle and never overload conditions.
Exercising with electrostimulation prevents any stress or loads on the cartilage, bone structure and spine, thereby preventing any inflammation or ailments that often restrict physical exercise on the part of both sedentary and active persons. Traditional workouts require the use of weights and muscle effort. In most cases however, the force of gravity also bears on the delicate system of skeleton and cartilage joints, with the tendency to overstress.
Electrostimulation makes it possible to concentrate a high number of specific intensity training movements within a short period of time. A large volume of work is thus done that would otherwise be impossible, within the same timeframe using traditional muscle activities.
Whether sports training, beauty treatment or simply strengthening, progress is always fast.



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TUA TRE’ND Face&Body features
a special patented electrode for perfect positioning
on the various facial areas.


The total mobility of the 2 stainless-steel electrodes covered with special cellulose domes permits adaptation to all facial areas, as well as perfect contact on the bends and protrusions of different physical configurations.