Start toning and recapturing youthful features today. Choose from two convenient models, each ready to perform with decisive Tua e-stim technology.


The Body Beau Tre’nd Electrostimulation System Includes:

  • One compact electrostimulation pod-style, icon-prompted control unit
  • 4 batteries, rechargeable up to 300 times
  • Battery charger
  • How-to-use instructional DVD


The Face only unit delivers 5 muscle-specific programs for the face and neck muscles, with:

  • The patented Face Wand
  • 8 custom sponges
  • Water dispenser


Face & Body unit boasts the 5 Face lifting programs and components,
plus 12 Body fitness programs with:

  • Two leads (wires) for the 4 body electrodes
  • 4 large (40 x 90) electrode adhesive-gel pads
  • 4 small (35 x 45) electrode adhesive-gel pads


Body Beau Tre’nd is the body and face-perfecting beauty tool that delivers muscle tone, lift and redefinition. Nurtured through continued exercise and e-stimulation, facial skin is supported, retexturized, and exudes with youthful qualities.