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We know that our products generate significant improvements because we test them,
they are used by thousands of happy clients and they are clinically, allergy and
dermatologist tested. Tell us how they’ve helped you!


Tua Tre’nd
“Unbelievable! I never expected I would see results so fast! My eyes look brighter
because the skin no longer droops onto my lashes. People say I look great and
can’t figure out why. Thanks!”

GC, 55, Vancouver


“…Thanks to Tua Trend, I no longer have a crooked smile. I can feel that the
muscles around my mouth are tighter, and my cheeks show more definition
when I smile.”

SH, 51, GTA


Biofeedback Support Bands
“…after just a few uses per week I've noticed a huge decrease in the lines
on my forehead and it has totally firmed up what use to be a bit of a double chin.
I don't know how it works, but it works! And, I can watch my sports at the
same time.”

J, Burlington


“…The Facial Support System is truly unique! It is so comfortable to wear
- it smoothes away my expression lines and I cannot fall asleep without it now.”

C, Ontario



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