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Freshen up with simple beauty techniques that work. Apply your moisturizers and stimulate with massaging techniques to add a healthy glow.



    Eyes: Place fingers at the top of the nose then close your eyes. Make small circular movements, working all the way around your eyes. Glide lightly over the surface of the skin. Apply moisturizer all over the face and under the chin using the same motion.


Cheeks, upper: Using the index fingers, gently press and rotate the pads of your fingers so the skin moves against the cheekbones. Do not to drag the skin; lift your fingers move to the next spot and repeat, working along your cheekbones towards your ears. Repeat.


Cheeks, lower: Palms facing out, bring the pads of your thumbs to the outer edge of your nostrils. Glide your thumbs across your cheekbones, finishing with an upward stroke to your ears. Repeat the movement, starting above the nostrils. Avoid the undereye area. Repeat each position.


Chin and jaw: Place fingers above chin with thumbs underneath. Gently press down and rotate your fingers without moving your thumbs. Continue along entire jawbone Repeat three times.


Neck and under chin: With fingers together and palms down, gently tap fingers under your chin and jaw area. Next, use the back of your hands to stroke up from your chest to your chin. In flowing sweeps, one hand moves after the other.


Finish with gentle fingertip tapping for a colourful glow!
Keep the movement light and bouncy, moving rapidly over cheeks, nose and forehead.